About us

Hello and welcome! We are located in Hiiumaa, Estonia, near Port of Heltermaa. Approximately 1 kilometer (0,6 miles) from the port to Kärdla direction, you will see the roadsing.
Priidumeeli is founded in 1999, when the first, smaller guesthouse was built. This house containes two floors – two bedrooms are under the roof.
Downstairs is shower/wc, livingroom/kitchen and outside a small balcony. The house is compatible for family or small group of friends.
Upstairs beedrooms both have one 2-person beds, whitch one of them have a smaller child-bed as well. Downstairs sofas can also fit for sleeping, depending on situation and comptability…
So this house is for 4+1 or 6+1. It is also possible to organize an extra bed. Outside is a fireplace and grilling equipment.


Priidumeeli´s second house, which is bigger, was built back in 2007. This house contains only one floor at the moment.
There is also livingroom/kitchen, shower/wc and two bedrooms – all in the one floor. Both bedrooms have one 2-person beds. In the livingroom there is big sofa, whitch can also act like a bed.
The house is also for 4+1 or 6 persons. Extra bed is possible. Outside the house is a fireplace, grilling equipment and old restaurated windmill.


Both houses contain all the equipment needed for cooking and eating. That includes pots and pans, dishes, electric stove and heaters, electric waterheaters, coffee mashines.
Unfortunately we don´t offer the internet, but there are very good 4G LTE-connection!